I'm grateful to be spending the first few days of the new year far away from bustling Times Square at this serene beauty, The Grey Barn.

She’s a small-scale, certified organic farm on Martha’s Vineyard raising the sweetest Dutch Belted cows, grumbly Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs and some happy, clucking chickens. They are also turning out the first rounds of Prufrock, their pungent, washed rind cows milk cheese.

To know me is to talk farm. The lifestyle, the animals, the food production and the ability to self-sustain. Old ford pick-ups, overalls and barns. Oh, the barns. I’d sleep on hay and eat out of a trough, just let me live and work in a barn.

Unfortunately for my pastoral instincts, i’m still living in Brooklyn. I can’t be too upset though, as the opportunities to be swept out to pasture are limitless, with the northeast chock-full o’farms.

For now i’ll be a day-tripping farmer. A shepherd to all us country cats living the city life.