I was allergic to mango skin growing up, so I avoided the fruit all together. I was unimpressed with the very few floridian tree mangoes that were peeled for me, so I just scratched them off my list. Until last week. I had this strange hankering for mango salsa, so I wrapped my hands in paper towels and butchered the thing as fast as possible. And It was so good. No, it was life changing. I kept saying how piney the flesh was and not as sugary sweet as I remembered. All the stars aligned there after and not only did mangos go on major sale at the market but I discovered what is and probably forever will be, my favorite way to consume mango. 


Mermaid Farm’s Mango Lassi. 

It’s thick and creamy, with all the mango goodness you’ve ever craved. It’s cold and refreshing but at the same time feels like a milkshake, like you’re indulging. But wait! It’s just real wholesome cows milk and your favorite tropical fruit. Yes, please.

So unfortunately mangoes are no longer on sale, but if I have it my way the mango lassi will be in the farm stand all summer. Cheers, to mangoes.