Last evening right after sunset we threw together some of Sohail’s now-famous Flashlight chili and ran across the street to the Yoga Barn. I have been out of practice for a while but after seeing photos of this space I figured it would be absurd not to go while I was in town.

Correct. It is in fact a barn, with a soaring wooden rooftop and beams, panoramic windows and all the fields and sky you could ever want to gaze upon. Paper lanterns gave off just enough light to find your blankets when you needed them. 

I forgot until I was in tree pose how much our bodies need balance. Our lives, too. You forget while you’re constantly in motion, constantly working and chasing dreams. Or at least I forget. The class last night emphasized finding a focus beyond the immediate need to stay upright. I can relate to that. I also realized what a number 2012 did on my body and my focus. Yoga has this way of beating hard-learned lessons into my brain, and although I usually walk away feeling a little sore, I always leave saying ‘I’ve got to do this more.’

First resolution of 2013: Don’t just fight to stay upright, find what roots you. 

Oh and also: Do a lot more yoga. Even if it can’t always be at the Barn.