Hi, I'm Sara. Im a freelance writer, floral stylist and one-half of Brushland Eating House (The other half being my boyfriend, Sohail.) We moved to Bovina, in New York's Catskill region, in March of 2014, to open up shop and escape hectic city life. Our little hamlet is the big gulp of fresh air we needed,  flecked with evergreen pine, striped dairy cows and the most wonderful people that we now get to call our neighbors. We live above the restaurant and next door to our rental, which makes the morning commute about as short as it could possibly be. No subways, taxis or crosstown buses. Just a flight of stairs.


the blog

In between slinging schnitzel and crafting copy for clients, I'm exploring what it means to have a bucolic life. We fish in the spring and pick apples in the fall, skinny-dip in ponds during the summer and snowshoe through winter. I have a pup named Frankie that helps me clip the wild vetch that crawls up the hill in our yard. Our cat, Mayor, will usually come along, too. I love telling stories about the characters I meet, the secret meadows I stumble upon, the rituals I believe in. A slice of the bucolic life, if you will.



Having worked for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Frankie's Spuntino and florist/farmer Krishana Collins, my experience spans food, fashion and flowers. Lucky for me, these things usually appear simultaneously, giving me a unique vantage point for event curation and style consultancy. As a writer, I work with clients in e-commerce, publishing and editorial spaces to produce thoughtful, dynamic branding tools - from the brainstorming process to printing a final product.